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Her main outfit consists of a regular gakuran, a reddish brown jacket over a cream school sweatshirt and a white shirt with a light blue tie.

She wears a black miniskirt checkered with grey lines, and she wears middle-length black socks and the required brown shoes.

Outside of school, Shizuku mostly wears old fashioned clothes; Haru has commented on her fashion sense as "grandma-like," though after she graduated she stopped wearing the twin tails and had her hair cut short while still keeping her bangs.

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Cross sections of Yashima H., Sekimoto S., Utsunomiya T., Ninomiya K., Omoto T., Nakagaki R., Shima T., Takahashi N., Shinohara A., Matsumura H., Satoh D., Iwamoto Y., Hagiwara M., Nishiizumi K. Measurements of the neutron activation cross sections for Bi at 287 and 370 Me V.

Leclerc, Knut Metzler, And Ulrich Ott The L3–6 chondritic regolith breccia Northwest Africa (NWA) 869: (II) Noble gases and cosmogenic radionuclides.

Her father Kazuaki Nagasawa is a former Japanese football player. In 2004, she portrayed the role of Aki Hirose in the movie Sailor Suit and Machine Gun. In 2004, she got her first nomination in Awards of the Japanese Academy for her role in the movie Robokon. She was also honored with this award in 2005 for Most Popular Performer and Best Supporting Actress.

Edit In 2004, she got nominated in Nikkan Sports Film Awards for the first time in her life.

F., Fitzsimmons, A., Hiroi, T., Marchis, F., Bishop, J.

(2010), Almahata Sitta (=asteroid 2008 TC3) and the search for the ureilite parent body.

She will also don a 100,000 RMB dress and transform into a “night goddess”.

Source Update: 1st Place: Ju Jing Yi ~230,750 votes 2nd Place: Li Yi Tong ~170,000 votes 3rd Place: Huang Tingting ~130,000 votes In essence, the key members of SNH48 have managed to double,triple and even quadruple their votes to reach the level AKB48 are at now, all within a year’s time.

She was nominated in this award for her role in the movie Crying Out Love in the Center of the World and she won this award that year for Best New Talent.

Edit She is best known for starring the role of Aki Hirose in the drama and romance movie Crying Out Love in the Center of the World.

Shizuku is a young Japanese girl of average height, has light, copper-brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

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