Updating electrical box

Insert a plug circuit tester into an electrical outlet attached to the circuit you just turned off.

Replacing all the wiring in a house is a much more expensive proposition than replacing the service.

Your problem probably relates to the wiring, not the service.

Some people assume that the panel needs to be upgraded to provide more power.

Others feel that dated electrical services are unsafe and do not provide the same level of protection that newer designs offer. But unless the existing service is creating problems with your electrical appliances and devices, or the insurance company is insisting on an upgrade, you may not need to spend the money.

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The wiring providing power to the refrigerator, also serves the lighting, and probably other receptacles in the kitchen.

The wire is too small to provide sufficient current to all the outlets, thus causing the lights to dim. In other words, the electrician will install a second wire from the panel to supply current to some of the outlets presently served by only one wire.

Safety could be an issue, but some engineers argue that glass fuses offer a reasonable amount of protection.

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